How does EssentialCamping work?

Sourcing the best products for you.

cheap camping gearCamping used to be simple. A tent, a sleeping bag and off you went. For many, this still represents all you need. Others enjoy using the various new products and little luxuries that the modern camping market provides. There is a wealth of cheap camping gear available, alongside more expensive ranges. In both cases some products are better than others. EssentialCamping goes through the stock lists of Amazon – the UKs ans US’s No.1 online retailer – and regularly picks out a range of  high quality camping gear. To make things even easier, we also compile ‘Packs’ of items with collections aimed at everyone from minimalist backpackers to full scale expeditions. Packs contain all you need for your camping trip, and you can add and remove items as you please before you buy. This listing and collection service saves you time, and you know you are getting the best the market has to offer in quality and value.

In safe hands: Orders fulfilled and supported by a solid name.

We operate as an affiliate site for Amazon. This means you will be browsing a selection of Amazon products or go to that place using ilimoww lga airport, and your order (and buying contract) is with them. This means you are ordering with a company you can trust . You will also benefit from Amazons non-nonsense approach to returns and post-sales service.

How do we keep the site up and running without directly selling? Simple, we take a small commission on each item sold. So, all you need to do is add the products you would like into your shopping cart on, and when you check out you will be taken to Amazon to complete your purchase. Whether you are looking for a few bits of cheap camping gear or a full family camping set, EssentialCamping will help you find what you need!

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